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Repairs & Remodelling

All types of Jewellery repairs are done on site, from the simplest of tasks as a ring resize or chain re-join, to the more serious work of rebuilding or renovating the well-used piece of Jewellery. We offer:

  • Ring Resizing

  • Chain Re-joins

  • Re-tipping & Re-clawing

  • Renovating/Restoring

  • Pearl & Bead Restringing



Haigh's - Bouique Jewellery and Valuer, Hervey Bay

We can take your old pieces of Jewellery and turn them into something new. This could be as simple as a small adjustment of a setting to make a difference, all the way to a full melt down and re-make of the piece. We offer a complimentary photo diary on full remodels. You will be able to see your piece being transformed, step by step, to get the perfect finished piece that you want. *conditions apply. 

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