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Haigh's - Bouique Jewellery and Valuer, Hervey Bay

We have the only 2 Registered Valuers in the region.

Members of the National Council Jewellery Valuers(NCJV) must undergo training in all the key areas of gemmology study, gemstone grading and the detection of synthetic gemstones. They must also commit to ongoing education to keep up-to-date with industry changes in order to maintain their membership as a Registered Valuer.

If you have pieces which you wish to be valued or identified, please contact us to book an appointment with one of our Registered Valuers.



FAQ: How do I know a Valuer is Registered?

You can check if the Valuer is a current member of the NCJV by requesting to sight a current membership certificate. Your Valuation should be embossed with the NCJV Seal which prominently displays that the Valuer is a member in the current year.

FAQ: Why use a Registered Valuer?


 The question should be: “Why risk someone who is not registered?”  Accurate valuations is an exacting and demanding process that requires extensive experience and knowledge. Valuers registered with the NCJV are experts in their profession. All NCJV members must also commit to ongoing professional development to retain their membership.


FAQ: What does a Valuation involve?

Your jewellery is carefully assessed and is then valued using current market research. After the appraisal you will receive a Valuation Document which contains a full description of your jewellery, including gram and carat weights, and a statement explaining the reason for the valuation and the intended market. An NCJV Registered Valuer undergoes years of training to be able to provide this service.

FAQ: Why is there a cost for performing a Valuation?


Professional valuation is not a case of simply looking at an item and guessing a price. It is a complex process that usesspecialised equipment and requires a high level of expertise to determine the quality and value of all the parts of the jewellery item. NCJV Registered Valuers are trained to identify the tiniest details that can affect a valuation. NCJV membership is dependent on years and a demonstrated ability to be able to represent jewellery correctly to the public. There is a cost attached for customers to have a valuation prepared as you are retaining the services of an experienced trained professional who is responsible for providing you with a legal document.

Haigh's - Bouique Jewellery and Valuer, Hervey Bay
Haigh's - Bouique Jewellery and Valuer, Hervey Bay
Haigh's - Bouique Jewellery and Valuer, Hervey Bay
Haigh's - Bouique Jewellery and Valuer, Hervey Bay
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