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Lifetime Guarantee

Our Promise to you...

Once your new piece is created by our master Jewellers, it will be covered by our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship. For this promise to be kept valid you must complete the following steps. 

1 ... Bring in your new piece within the first 3 months for us to clean & check for you at no charge as this is the time that your gemstones are 'settling' in their settings and may need adjusting. 

2 ... Bring your piece in thereafter, once every 12 months for a free clean & check.

3 ... If you are at any time worried about your piece in any way, bring it in for us to check.

4 ... Bring in your warranty card that you will be given, it must be signed to keep the warranty valid. 

Note... The warranty we offer is not a warranty against normal wear & tear. Maintenance issues will always arise, but our close checking will help minimise any problems. 

If you are unable to come in to our store to get these checks done please advise us and we will make alternate arrangements so that you wont miss out.

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