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The Workshop Experience

Have you ever looked at a piece of jewellery and wondered “how did they make that?” Well now you can see the answer for yourself!

If we are handcrafting your special new ring for you, we can offer you something unique.

‘The Workshop Experience’ is just that!

We take you for a behind the scenes tour of our workshop and give you an informative session on how we turn a straight bar of gold into a beautiful piece to be treasured for many years to come.

If conditions are suitable, you may even be able have hands on to help make your special piece. Maybe you could roll out some metal or emery a band? Each ‘Workshop Experience’ will be different depending on what we are creating for you.

The ‘Workshop Experience’ is offered to our clients having a piece handcrafted in our workshop and is intended to be a very special experience. It is operated outside of working hours and under strictly controlled circumstances.

Although safety and security are our primary concerns, we want you to relax and enjoy the experience. Photos will be taken and will form part of a ‘Photo Diary’ to follow the whole process from start to finish. Uniquely Yours!

For any enquiries about ‘The Workshop Experience’ please do not hesitate to contact us.

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